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Shelly Comiskey of Simply Shelly Designs

Like most artists, the passion to create goes back to the earliest of memories. That is no different for Shelly. Homework papers turned in with doodles, hours in front of the television... not watching.. but drawing all the cartoon characters... and not happy just coloring from a coloring book.. nope.. she had to draw her own characters to color. From crayons to clay art just made Shelly happy. That is true today!

Shelly started her career in art years ago with polymer clay. Selling her characters at local craft shows and malls. Later she began designing, traveling and teaching. She has authored four books on working with the clay in which one of the books was with Disney on sculpting their characters. Gradually she made the transition back to her true passion.. illustrating! Now mostly illustrating, Shelly is driven with a vivid imagination and a strong passion to create, color, and paint!




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