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Lizzie B Cre8ive

Lizzie B Cre8ive started out in the industry as a pattern company created by two women who share a PASSION for quilting. They have since become award-winning authors and fabric designers for Henry Glass. Coincidentally, these girls also share the same NAME! Elizabeth Hawkins...

Lizzie – (Liz) resides in Pennsylvania and loves the conception and design side of Lizzie B. She takes her sketchbook wherever she goes because she never knows when a quilt might pop into her head! She has a background in fine arts, with an emphasis on watercolor. When she’s not sketching, she’s busy stitching, blogging, facebooking, driving kids to and fro, singing, creating culinary delights, and laughing on the phone with Beth.

B – (Beth) resides in Arizona and enjoys the conception and design side of Lizzie B, but is also an amazing pattern writer. She can take even Liz's chicken scratch sketches and turn them into a work of art. Her background is in business and design. When she's not writing patterns, she's busy stitching, driving kids to and fro, facebooking, knitting, keeping her naughty dog out of trouble, and text shopping with Liz.

Cre8ive – Together Liz and Beth have found their niche in the quilting world. They strive for uniqueness in their designs that take on their fun upbeat approach to life. They look for inspiration in the things that they love and find comfort in (music and umm, chocolate?). They like to dream, laugh, and create...but there's nothing they like more than doing these things together. Meet the Lizzie B Girls!




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